Welcome to Creating Optimism

Our purpose in presenting this site is to provide information, techniques and skills which will help promote optimism and also to lessen the pain of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

Our news pieces and our articles outline the latest findings from of researchers in a wide range of disciplines including behavioural psychology, neurobiology, psychiatry, anthropology and medicine. We also aim to include helpful insights from alternative practices such as yoga, tai-chi and Feldenkrais.

This site is not meant to be an alternative to seeking professional medical or therapeutic help. The advice given in the various articles and blogs is, by its very nature, general and may not apply to your particular situation. Rather they are intended to provide a beginning of a journey of discovery.

Much of the information contained in this site is based on the best-selling books by Bob Murray, PhD and Alicia Fortinberry, PhD Creating Optimism and Raising an Optimistic Child but, as mentioned above it also draws on a great number of other sources.

Our fundamental belief is that optimism is our birthright. We also believe it is based on our being able to surround ourselves with a nexus of supportive relationships—the kind that we humans were designed to have. A lot of the information on this site, including our tips and tools, is designed to be a how-to of creating good, worthwhile, relationships in all aspects of life.

Please join us in this journey and let us together make the world a more optimistic place, a place fit for humans to live in.